Here you will find answers to questions they ask us most about Churpi

1) Why Churpi bars color ranges from lighter to darker?

The color variance from lighter to darker is due to wind intensity while smoking the cheese blocks during the rainy season in the Himalayas. Smoke intensity gives the darker color to bars.

2) Why Churpi bars vary in shape?

Do to its handmade production, process, Churpi cheese varies in shape and when bars are cut, shape, length and width may vary.

3) Why Churpi bars sometimes have dimples on the bar sides?

The dimples are muslin cloth marks that appear due to cheese being wrapped and compressed into blocks while drying and smoking process.

4) What is the best way to store Churpi?

Churpi bars must be kept in dry and cool atmosphere, hence preventing the appearance of mold. Also avoid refrigerator storage to prevent eliminating the bar’s internal humidity turning it fragile and potentially breakable.

5) Are Churpi bars high in fat?

Churpi bars contain very low fat (<=5%) because it is produced with skimmed milk, as during its production, all milk cream is eliminated.

6) Salt being added during production process isn’t bad for my dog?

Churpi bars contain very little amount od salt (0,1%) and it only used together with lime juice to coagulate the cheese at the beginning of the production process.

7) If my dog breaks the Churpi bar, what shall i do?

You can pick up the smaller pieces and put them in the microwave during 45 seconds after which pieces will become tasty crunchy cookies that your dog will enjoy. Remember to let the crunchy pieces cool down before giving them to your dog.

8) Which bar size shall i purchase for my dog?

There are 4 bar sizes available for your dog depending on the dog’s weight. You need to adjust to the sizing table that the shop owner/clerk will recommend.

9) Do I need to give my dog the Churpi bar and let it chew it until finishing it?

No, the Churpi Bar is not food. It is a health 100% natural “snack” and must be treated as such. We recommend your dog play with and chew the bar for (15 minutes) and then take it away until the next hand over. By doing this, your dog will recognize the Churpi bar as an entertaining snack not always available and also your bar will also last longer.

10) Do churpi bars generate any odor once been chewed?

Churpi bars are odorless even after being chewed.